Recipes for Moms - Amazon Book Review of a Great Recipe Book for Busy Moms
I dispise COOKING - Recipes for Moms

I HATE COOKING - Recipes for Moms is the brilliantly written and effortlessly simple help guide to receiving targeted meals for your household when time is an issue and also you really just dont think that lifting a finger!!

Other books in the range include

I HATE COOKING - Man Cooking And that i HATE COOKING - How you can Be considered a Vegetarian

I dispise COOKING - Recipes for Moms had over 600 downloads in its first 12 hours on Amazon and received 11 upscale reviews.

These are a number of the stunning reviews.


This is brilliant!! The recipes are fantastic. George Peters will be the new Jamie Oliver of ebooks!!! All I can have to say is BUY and see on your own!!!


The recipe book I have been looking forward to!!!! Excellent simple to follow and easy peasy. Comes in very handy over the summer break!

Try this one also I HATE COOKING - Man Cooking


This can be a really easy-to-digest, succinctly written cookery book which gives maximum generates a at least time - it's actually a small life-saver! The variety of recipes is impressive too. They say the evidence of the pudding is in the eating - so this is one happy customer!

I personally don't like COOKING - Man Cooking


Very well organized, great for me when i do not have more than Thirty minutes to organize anything. I'm going to be referring to this regularly!


I'm not really a Mom, but it is a great book for something easy and quick in order to avoid those hours slaving away in the kitchen when you might be doing other things. Easy to understand. Definitely worth having.


A great collection of quick recipes giving a lively mum of three enough time to actually sit back to eat the meal with not a fishfinger on the horizon. I actually have much more time now since accidentally reading '6 dried chillies' as '12 birdseye chillies'( it could occur to anyone)within the orange beef and brocolli for 6 kids. Not really a playdate since. In reality even my own youngsters are not eating in your own home on a regular basis. Thumbs up to George Peters. My only criticism is the utilisation of the word 'mom' its a little transatlantic perhaps 'overworked borderline alcoholic skivvy' can perform. Bottoms-up!


Even if you're not just a busy mum, this may be a really useful standby for your emergency meal. This might even impress the wife..


I purchased this, I'm not really a Mom!! Thought it might be a great investment, couldn't happen to be a better choice. great recipes basic and to the point, makes life so much easier when there is one step buy step guide.

N interesting book

I dispise COOKING - How To Be considered a Vegetarian


I seriously love this book! It gets right to the point! The recipes are really easy to follow, as well as the finished method is brilliant!

worth a read if perhaps to have good quality ideas!

Great read!

I dispise COOKING - How you can Be A Vegetarian

I personally don't like COOKING - Man Cooking


Bloody good fun!

I seriously enjoyed the recipes! Easy to follow and delicious. This book seems to fill that gap that most cookbooks I've read surrounding this area manage to ignore.

A good tool for any household.

Thumbs up!

I dispise COOKING - How To Be considered a Vegetarian


Great addition to my amazon kindle fire app. It offers a wide selection of entries.

Finished . I like one of the most is always that all recipes are quick & an easy task to prepare (I am not counting cooking time).

I highly recommend this cookbook!

I HATE COOKING - The way to Be considered a Vegetarian

I am hoping this is ideal for you these folks were truly a brilliant browse the whole series is

I HATE COOKING - Recipes For Moms

I HATE COOKING - Man Cooking

I personally don't like COOKING - The way to Be described as a Vegetarian


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